Glancia's Journey: Empowering Individuals in Stylish Bomber Jackets

Unique Designs for a Unique You

Our Story

Unique Designs for a Unique You

You are unique, individual, you.
Proud to stand out. Never blending in.
The self-confidence of self-expression
You wear your clothes, they don’t wear you.
You are Glancia.
Choosing bold colours, clever detailing.
Embroidery designs to accentuate each piece.
A hint of heritage and a contemporary look.
A high end clothing brand.
Each piece a work of art.
You are Glancia.
Because embroidery fashion is the ultimate expression of individuality.
A craft that becomes an intricate design and tells a story.
One that raises you up. Gives you belief in yourself.
You are Glancia because you stand out from the crowd. You lead.
You are empowered. Always your authentic self.
With quality clothes that complement your individual style.
Original. Singular. Glancia.
Logo Designed with EmbroideryLogo Designed with Embroidery

Our Mission

Glancia helps fashion-forward changers and leaders, to express themselves and find empowerment by wearing our embroidered apparel, that brings out confidence, so they can move through the world showing their true selves.

We are Modern Flamboyant

We are not afraid to be seen, we bring excitement and originality. But we keep it cool and classy. Touch of extravagance is enough to express who we are while moderation keeps it real.



of our packaging is made with recyclable material


Making a Difference, One Fabric at a Time

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"We strive to source our materials from responsible suppliers who prioritize ethics, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability.

Clothing Crafted for the Confident Individual

Our Guiding Principles


We believe being original is important to create unique art, and we stick to being original in the designs we create for you.

Transparency & Integrity

Always being transparent and honest about our process, quality and product so you can always rely on us, no matter what.


We strive to stick to our radicles of embroidery art and be inspired by the endless possibilities we can create with it.


Our goal is to inspire individuality by promoting personal style, fostering a strong and diverse community, and empowering the world together.